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The perfect combo to help the body stay hydrated while disposing of unwanted glucose stored by the body as fat.

Keto by BioReigns is a powdered drink mix to help you and your metabolism feel better!

If you've ever heard of the ketogenic diet, you know it's all about getting your body into ketosis. Your metabolism enters ketosis when it begins to burn stored fat instead of the sugar and carbohydrates we eat. Plus, your liver begins to convert your stored fat into ketones, which are your brain's preferred energy source. Many people report feeling more focused, more energetic, less hungry when in ketosis.

Recommended Use:

Activities we do everyday can deplete our body's supply of water. Drinking beverages with alcohol, sugar, or caffeine, and even daily exercise take a toll on your level of hydration. Even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, decrease cognitive function, and put you at greater risk for headaches and migraines. Bio Hydrate makes it easy and tasty for you to keep yourself hydrated.
Flavor: Raspberry Lemonade

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