CBD Daily, Broad Spectrum

BioCx + CBD and Curcumin

$ 69.99

BioReigns CBD Daily Broad Spectrum Tincture is an all-natural, and oil-free product that contains our BioCx - Water Dissolvable CBD Complex with curcumin complex. This tincture is a clean, pure and water dissolvable product.
BioCx Proprietary Complex (Sterile DI Water, Naturally Occurring Citric Acid), CBD, Curcumin
Place full dropper (1 mL) under your tongue daily. Increase or decrease usage as needed. Consult with your physician before using this product You can also add CBD Daily to your favorite beverage.

* For sample bottles, 2 full droppers is equivalent to 1ml.
* Please store in a cool, dry place.
* Gluten Free
* Vegan Friendly
* Sourced from organically grown hemp